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I create quite stylised drawings representing moments that are significant or very ordinary, capturing the emotions, or a cherished feeding or cuddling position. They are about the feeling and the point in time, with a slight physical likeness rather than a portrait style. A photo or photos are can be used as inspiration, usually along with the story or a few words behind the moment or the family. I like to include initials or names into drawings sometimes, especially if I'm asked to include multiple children, without having to actually include many figures.


Due to the intricate nature of the designs and sections I use more than three figures can look muddled so I prefer to use the patterns to include details when I can. If a drawing is being used for a small tattoo it can't be too detailed as this would get lost being reduced in size, but a good tattoo artist can use the detailed larger piece as the outline and simplify it if needed.


The cost depends on the number of figures chosen, for individual pricing information please email me and include any photos or information that might be helpful for your ideas and I will be happy to send on the details.


My finished pieces are approx 4-6 inches high depending on the design, all drawn by hand in black pen on thick white paper, whichever paper type and weight I feel suits the particular illustration best. Once completed your custom piece is sent by registered post/international tracked shipping, and the digital version can be sent at no additional cost if wished.

It usually takes me about 8 weeks to complete a piece, but often longer, due to my process for creating them and life in general with two small boys. I find I need to sketch and then leave it a few days, think about it, sketch and repeat until I reach the outline design I'm happy with.


There's a lot of emotions involved in them so it can be overwhelming to work too long or on too many at a time, and I never want my drawings to become a source of stress so I take my time. Commissions are currently closed, but I hope to take on a small number in September.

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