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Tattoo Portfolio

The monochrome line drawing style of my artwork is very suited to use as tattoo designs, and I’m always delighted and amazed when people choose my drawings to place on their bodies forever, to commemorate the birth of their children, to remember and celebrate breastfeeding journeys, or of their family/baby loss. There’s a Tattoo Pass available on my Etsy shop that people can purchase to get permission and my blessing to use an existing drawing as a tattoo design, I really appreciate receiving photos of finished tattoos to share in my portfolio and on social media. 

Custom illustrations can also be created for use as a tattoo, often the finished drawing is framed and also used as the tattoo design. Commissioned pieces for tattoo only differ in that the size of the final tattoo needs to be taken into account, as many of my more intricate patterns might not be suitable done in a small location with tattooing equipment. But it is of course possible to just request a commissioned piece and then have your tattoo artist alter the design in ways that suit for the size/location. 

Children’s names or initials and dates such as birth dates can be included for tattoos (and for commission pieces in general), I can work them into the design or they can be added by your tattoo artist.

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