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Designed and Screen Printed in the West of Ireland on organic vegan cotton. Mama's Kiss Printed Tote Bag, Fairtrade Organic Cotton, Motherhood Art, Mom Tote, New Mum Gift, Printed in Ireland, Irish Art

Tote Bag, Mama's Kiss, Wearable Art, Organic Cotton

  • Mama's Kiss Tote Bag, with my original drawing printed on one side.

    The organic and Fairtrade cotton tote bag has a fine, soft weave and quality construction. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. An organic cotton bag has been grown in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 

    This bag is also made from Fairtrade Certified Cotton and carries the Fairtrade Cotton Mark. For a cotton tote bag to carry the Fairtrade certification mark, the cotton farmers must meet Fairtrade Standards. From the growing and processing of the cotton to the manufacturing of the bag, all areas have to be compliant to meet the Fairtrade Standard for cotton. 

    My Mama's Kiss drawing is screen printed onto each bag by, based in Sligo in the West of Ireland.

    Tote Bag Care Instructions:

    Spot Clean
    If you have a stain on your tote bag, the easiest way to clean it is just with a spot clean, if you have a stain removing spray, just follow the directions on the bottle. If you don’t have a stain remover, great alternatives are baking soda mixed with a little warm water to create a paste which you can apply, leave for a little while and scrub off. Alternatively soak the affected area in solution of wine vinegar and warm water for a few hours and then rinse with fresh water.

    Hand wash
    If your whole bag needs a bit of a wash then we advise handwashing your bag, use your regular washing powder and lukewarm water to wash your tote bag. Gentle scrub your bag and try to avoid the print if possible as this can affect the colour and print if you scrub too hard!

    Machine wash
    Machine washing is not recommended because the wash and spin cycle can cause shrinkage and alter the colour and quality of your print. If you want to machine wash, we suggest putting your bag on a cool low spin cycle. By doing this you should maintain the size and print but do expect a slight distortion.

    Wipe clean
    If you’re cleaning a recent mark a simple wipe clean with hot water and soap will do the trick. 

    Steaming your cotton bag is a great alternative to washing. Steaming will remove any creases, will clean long term discolouration, and may help to remove stubborn stains from your tote bag. By adding some essential oil or scented antibacterial liquid to your steamer you can also remove any unwanted smells.  

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