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Tattoo Pass, Tattoo Permission, Tattoo Ticket, Mama's Drawing Room, Original Art, Motherhood Art

Tattoo Pass, Tattoo Ticket, Original Art Motherhood Tattoo, Breastfeeding Tattoo

SKU: 364215376135199
  • Tattoo Pass to use one of my drawings as a tattoo design.

    If you would love my art enough to have it permanently inked I ask that you help support me and my work by purchasing a tattoo pass.

    You receive my blessing for you to use one of my creations for a tattoo, and if requested the digital file of your chosen drawing to show to your tattoo artist. My art is my livelihood and has been stolen or posted without crediting me many times for tattoos, memes, social media posts, etc. As the original artist I appreciate everyone who asks my permission and helps the artist of the work to benefit financially rather than just the tattoo artist who will be using someone else's existing artwork.

    Purchasing this Tattoo Pass provides you with my consent to have one of my designs tattooed. The cost covers the time, creativity and effort put into the artwork as well as helping to pay my bills, which is only fair! 

    Please do not have my designs tattooed without purchasing this pass or a physical print without asking my permission, it's art theft.

    Thank you for wanting to permanently place my design on your skin. Please send me a photo of your finished work to share on my social media and for my portfolio, and please tag and credit me in any photos you or the tattoo artist post online.


  • I don't accept returns or cancellations for these.

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