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Tandem Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding a new baby and their older sibling.


Breastfeeding Art, Motherhood, Breastmilk, Breasteeding Support.


Tandem Breastfeeding Art, Baby & Older Sibling (Two Options)

  • Tandem Breastfeeding Print

    A print of my original pen drawing, featuring a mother breastfeeding her small baby and her older child at the same time, often known as tandem breastfeeding/tandem nursing. The benefits of breastfeeding aren't just in the nutrients, immunity and comfort for smaller babies. Toddlers and older children benefit in the same ways, and many mothers decide to feed both ages simultaneously. The positives of breastfeeding don't have an expiration date, and deciding to simultaneously feed both children works well for many mothers and families.

    I started these drawings as late night doodles during a few trying weeks with young son. I wanted to remind myself of the parts of parenting I love, to represent the beauty and strength of motherhood that we sometimes forget when we are exhausted, doubting ourselves or giving too much thought to outsiders' opinions. 

    I wanted to create a drawing based on pumping breastmilk as this is something I had to do while my son was away from me in Special Care Baby Unit during his first days, and while my daughter was ill in NICU after being born prematurely, six weeks early. It's a strange, difficult and often very isolating experience. I felt mothers who do it should be celebrated and feel empowered rather than feeling different or alone. Every precious drop is so important.


    This is a printed copy of my original artwork which was hand drawn in pen. The design is printed locally here in Galway, Ireland on 350gm Ivorex board. Each print is individually signed and year dated.


    Prints are sold without frames or mounts, but wrapped to keep them safe.

    Your print will be wrapped in white tissue paper and sealed, or placed in a 100% biodegradable cellophane sleeve, which is made from corn starch and is brown bin compostable. It will be posted in a sturdy hard backed protective envelope.

    Designs may be personalised with names, dates and initials on request, additional cost depends on the number of personalisations required.


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