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A print of my original drawing in a watercolour effect, featuring my vision of the Irish pagan goddess, Brigid. She is my representation of Irish women full of strength, natural beauty, connected to our beautiful landscape. This piece celebrates all of our powerful Irish women, be they in Irish mythology, Irish history, or fighting modern day battles in our entirely different present day life landscape.


Brigid, a goddess of pre-Christian Ireland. Brigid, or the Exalted One, was the Irish goddess of spring, fertility, and life. Beloved by poets, she was the master of both healing and smithing. Many of Ireland's wells and waterways were devoted to her. In Irish mythology she is member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the daughter of the Dagda and wife of Bres, with whom she had a son named Ruadán.


She is associated with wisdom, poetry, healing, protection, smithing and domesticated animals. It was said that she had two sisters: Brigid the healer and Brigid the smith. This suggests she may have been a triple deity. Saint Brigid shares many of the goddess's attributes and her feast day, 1 February, was originally a pagan festival called Imbolc, marking the mid point of winter. 

Brigid, Irish Mythology, Goddess Art


    This is a printed copy of my original artwork. The design is printed locally here in Galway, Ireland on 320gsm high quality smooth Irish sourced paper. Each print is individually signed and year dated on the back.

    Prints are sold without frames or mounts, but wrapped to keep them safe.

    Your print will be wrapped in white tissue paper and sealed, or placed in a 100% biodegradable cellophane sleeve, which is made from corn starch and is brown bin compostable. It will be posted in a sturdy hard backed protective envelope.


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