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A new baby and a new mother, both finding their way in their new world, together.  On mum's chest, on her skin, on her heart, is exactly where baby belongs during these first weeks, the fourth trimester (and beyond). Mom is magic, her heartbeat, her breathing, her warmth, all helping her baby to calm, regulate, and grow. Her previously full belly where her beautiful baby grew now provides a cushion for the little legs as they slowly extend out and grow long, with mama's milk meeting baby's demands as they also grow every day.

In Bloom, Newborn and Breastfeeding/Expressing Art

  • A print of my original drawing, featuring a new baby sleeping on their mother's chest, both content in this quiet moment as they let nature, their bodies and natural instincts guide them through this new often overwhelming stage.

    I started these Zentangle drawings as late night doodles during a few trying weeks with young son. I wanted to remind myself of the parts of parenting I love, to represent the beauty and strength of motherhood that we sometimes forget when we are exhausted, doubting ourselves or giving too much thought to outsiders' opinions. 


    This is a printed copy of my original artwork which was hand drawn in pen. The design is printed locally here in Galway, Ireland on 350gm Ivorex board. Each print is individually signed and year dated.


    Prints are sold without frames or mounts, but wrapped to keep them safe.

    Your print will be wrapped in white tissue paper and sealed, or placed in a 100% biodegradable cellophane sleeve, which is made from corn starch and is brown bin compostable. It will be posted in a sturdy hard backed protective envelope.

    Designs may be personalised with names, dates and initials on request, additional cost depends on the number of personalisations required.

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